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Sign at Entrance

The Buffalo Creek Trail is located next to the Carrollton Ag Center in Carrollton, GA. It is comprised of approximately 40 acres. The habitats on this site are various and include a year round running stream (Buffalo Creek), dry uplands pine, and dry upland hardwood, a wetlands with both shade and sunny areas and a large meadow. The Carroll County Master Gardeners have a demonstration garden and a number of pioneer cabins at the end of the parking area beside the 911 center. The Forestry Commission which once had responsibility for the property has an old saw mill, grist mill and other buildings used for demonstrations of pioneer ways during Ag Heritage days. The walking trails meander over a portion of the acreage. The citizens in and around Carrollton use the facility for pleasure. Each fall all the fourth graders in Carroll County and some of the surrounding counties are invited to Ag Heritage Days where they are treated to a vision of the past with demonstrations. They walk the trails and can now enter or exit through an adjoining entrance with the Carrollton Green Belt.

The restoration project began in 2009. The trail had fallen into hard times. First came the nearly 10 years of drought, then the area experienced two huge wind storms/small tornadoes and two devastating floods that greatly impacted the plants and wildlife. The floods and falling trees ruined several bridges. The West Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society has adopted this area as a restoration project and plans to replenish and enhance the plant material through rescues and workdays. In keeping with its mission for educating the public, a number of educational signs have been developed and placed at various points along the trail. Our current focus is on the landscaping of the entrance to the trail from the Green Belt. This website documents restoration activities, landscape planning, plants, wildlife and hard scape installations.

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