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Callicarpa americana
    ( Callicarpa        americana )
Beautyberry, taken on September 27, 2009.
Photo Credit: Mike Strickland

The Beautyberry pictured above is a small to medium size shrub. The blooms are small but interesting. Bloom time is in spring followed by berries that remain green until early fall when they turn a brilliant purple. Beuatyberry has yellow foliage in the fall before leaf drop as it is a deciduous shrub. The berries remain on the stems after the leaves drop providing winter interest.

Beautyberry requires no special care beyond acidic soil and some sunshine in order for it to bloom and produce berries. It should be planted where it can receive morning sun or periods of sun during the day for several hours. Because the Beautyberry tolerates heavy pruning it can be maintained at any size in the home landscape.

Nurseries carry Beautyberry in both purple and white. Be sure to confirm it is American Beautyberry and not an Asian import.

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