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Solidago caesia
    ( Solidago        caesia )
Wreath Goldenrod, taken on August 16, 2014.
Photo Credit: Mike Strickland

The Wreath Goldenrod ranges throughout much of central and eastern North America and does well in zones 4-8. A native woodland perennial, this goldenrod can be found in deciduous or open woods, wood borders and in clearings. Compared to other goldenrods, the Solidago caesia is somewhat smaller and is not aggressive as some of the goldenrods can be. It spreads slowly by underground rhizomes. Usually growing only one and a half to three feet tall, the plant has greenish-purple stems with lance-shaped leaves. From August through October the plant will sport arching stems that will be covered with tiny yellow blooms, with a spray of flowers at the end of each branch.

The plant prefers a sunny location although it can survive in light shade. Since it likes dry conditions, it is ideal for the late summer or fall garden. It has no serious disease problems and few insect pests, making it very carefree.

Common uses for this plant include: Plant this goldenrod in native plant gardens, open woodland gardens, cottage gardens, butterfly gardens, or your cutting garden. I

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