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Platanthera cristata
    (pla-TAN-ther-uh    kris-TAH-tuh)
Yellow-Fringed Orchid, taken on July 26, 2003.
Photo Credit: Mike Strickland

Platanthera cristata can do well in the home landscape.

The Yellow Fringed Orchid pictured above is growing in a grassy area beside a private dirt road driveway in Douglas County. It has spread to 20-30 individual plants that bloom in August. The area has very poor soil, roadside red clay & sand. There are some Pine trees near by that may drop a light layer of pine needles, othewise the soil has only a very little amount of decomposed material from native grasses. It receives only rain water. The area is in full sun in summer and winter. A few of these plants have spread to a shady area with small pines on a embankment. There is also poor soil there due to rain water washing any needle drop from the trees away. These areas may receive flooding due to rainwater runoff from the roadside during storms.

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