Propagating Centrosema Virginianum - Climbing Butterfly Pea

Prepared by Mike Strickland


Climbing Butterfly Pea
Centrosema virginianum
Image Credit: Mike Strickland

When the seed pods or capsules turn brown, cut off individual pods and place in a bag or jar. Leave at room temperature until pods are dry. If the pods do not split, on their own, they can then be opened to collect the seeds. Be warned that once you start a pod splitting, it can pop open scattering the seed, so be careful or work with the pod inside a box or other container to catch stray seed.

Plant seed outdoors, in sandy soil, or in a flat, or pot, filled with sand. I found potting medium will rot many seed, but some will sprout. Bury seed about 1/4 inch. If planting in a flat, or pot, place in a protected location, where it will still receive rainfall. You can probably stratify, in the refrigerator, but I've not tried that method - Mother Nature does a fine job, without my help.

Most seeds should sprout in spring. Some plants may bloom the first year, but you should expect blooms the second year.

Plants should be grown in relatively poor soil with excellent drainage. They are drought tolerant, once established, but might require some watering during drought conditions.

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