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Top Ten Mosses for the Southeastern United States & Georgia Piedmont
The moss list from Dr. Robert Wyatt's presentation, at our public meeting on April 18th, can be found under "Educational Resources" in the website menu. We hope you find this resource useful.

Spring Workshop
Build a Home for a Bug-Eatin' Bog Plant!!
Saturday, June 24, 9:00 to 11:00 am, at the Carroll Co. AgEd Center, Newnan Rd. Join Robert Barr and learn to build a container bog and take it home with a real, live carnivorous pitcher plant!

Reservation and Pre-Registration is $20, $30 at the Door Day of the program. Please send check, payable to West Ga Chapter, GNPS to P.O. Box 635 Carrollton, GA 30112 with name and e-mail address to allow us to confirm your reservation.

Welcome to the West GA Chapter
of the Georgia Native Plant Society.

The chapter was formed by a group of native plant enthusiasts, in September 2008, to serve the people in the western counties of the North Georgia piedmont.

  • We promote the use of native plants in home, commercial and community landscapes.

  • We rescue plants in danger of destruction by development, working with property owners and developers to relocate the native plants in an organized and safe manner.

  • We promote the restoration of native habitat and provide educational information about restoration to the public.

  • We discourage the use of non-native, invasive plant species.

You are invited to join us at our meetings, which are open to the public, and are held in the Carrollton Ag Center. Check out the Meetings & Activities page (link in the navigation bar, to the left) for meeting dates and to learn about other activities.

Please Note: Due to GPS issues, regarding the location of the Ag Center, please check the above link for accurate directions.


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Viola pedata
    (vee-OH-luh    ped-AH-tuh)
Birdfoot Violet, taken on April 7, 2003.
Photo Credit: Mike Strickland

Viola pedata can do well in the home landscape.

The Birdfoot Violet pictured above is growing in a flowerbed near a walkway beside a local pond in Douglas county. This plant has spread to about 20 or so individuals. The flowerbed is under a small stand of pines which it seems to prefer. Other plants in this bed are Rosemary 'Irene', Dwarf Iris (Iris cristata), and a variety of Daisy species. The soil is fairly poor and acid. This Violet species prefers roadside type poor soil of red clay and sand. The flowerbed receives a very little morning sun only. It is watered only by rain water. The flower is large and multicolored with various shades of lavendar and white and some variation in tone and pattern can be seen from plant to plant. The leaves are very finely divided giving it the name of 'birdfoot'.

This violet is easy to propagate either from cutting divisions or from seed.

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